The power of a CV often goes unappreciated. It’s nothing more than a list of skills and merits. But in fact, every line of it matters. Especially about experience and achievements. tells how to describe your experience and knowledge, how resume wording right to write, not just list the jobs, and let the recruiter know that you are what you need!

No “dry” lists like:

  • Ltd – from 2013 to 2018, accountant. Did the bookkeeping, counted employees’ salaries, filed reports.
  • PE “PE” – from 2010 to 2013, assistant accountant. Helped with bookkeeping, calculating employees’ salaries, submitting reports.

That kind of experience, you know. What should it make clear to a potential employer? That you helped first, and then counted it yourself? Is that really all you have done during your employment?


That’s a technique we know too. You find someone else’s CV, it seems to fit your experience and skills, copy and paste, – beauty! No, it’s not. You have to go to a lot of trouble to describe your experience. Your achievements, your skills, your knowledge. If you haven’t done something or can’t do it, it doesn’t mean you’re worse than the other candidates. It just means that you have room to grow. If you want to grow.

Yes to stories and achievements

Tell not just what you did, but how you did it. Better yet, don’t just do it, do it. Surely you’ve brought something of your own to the company’s operations. You have improved old processes, you have made new connections, you have not just submitted a report to the tax office, but always on time and without mistakes. Or you have grown from assistant accountant to chief accountant. Don’t assume that this will be clear from your list of jobs.

Tell us about it additionally, it’s not difficult. Or maybe you have not only developed within your profession, but also acted as an organizer of some corporate event or hobby club, led a project in a related specialty, participated in various tasks. Write about it, don’t be modest! Don’t be like everyone else, be like you. Show that you are something to be appreciated. To get your CV noticed among others, make it special.

Why it might seem like you have no accomplishments

  • You misunderstand the meaning behind the word ‘achievement’. It’s not just flying to the moon or inventing a cure for all diseases, but a measurable result of your work.
  • You do not know how to and do not set goals in your work, so it is difficult for you to assess whether you have achieved something or not.
  • You unconsciously underestimate what you have achieved.
  • You really haven’t achieved anything in your career. But that’s almost impossible. You can always find the information you need.
  • If you are a cleaner, a loader, a cashier, a driver, i.e. your job does not require higher education, it is not necessary to write achievements. But if you have something to share, don’t pass up an opportunity to show your best side.

What to do with it

Think about how to measure your performance in numbers. Be specific – promote by 20%, train 5 managers, write 100 articles, involve 20 new authors in 2 months, design 50 boards, make 208 design cards and so on. In this case, the units of measurement are not important, the important thing is the numbers.

If you have a problem with that, you find it difficult to measure the result, write facts, the essence. For example: organised the transition to electronic document management, found a loss – sold products at below-cost prices. Graduates applying for a job for the first time can use examples from their personal life or studies: study projects, complicated coursework or thesis, combining part-time work with studies, internships, etc.

Look for captivating language, which will determine whether the recruiter pays attention to your resume or cover letter and invites you for an interview. If the examples did not help, you still feel that you do not have results and successful projects at work, today is the day when you can start implementing them.

By the way, the content department looked at the resumes of jobseekers posted on the website and noticed that they do a pretty good job describing their achievements. But some things could be improved by adding more figures and facts. Don’t hold back, update the information on your CV, right in the “Work Experience” field, and feel free to apply for interesting jobs. The dream job is waiting!