The new cooperation proposals will include more benefits

As it is estimated that salary increases will be only 2-3%, talented professionals would do well to consider a new contract with a different company if they want more money. Recruiters are now more than ever chasing the talents of the 21st century and are willing to pay them in gold to earn their services.

More returns

More and more employees are willing to return to their previous employers. In fact, according to a large poll of Monster, more than 50% of respondents expressed a desire to return to his old captivity, while 27% said they had already done so. This is because employers have noticed the benefits of hiring former employees: they already know the company’s culture, its infrastructure and do not need time to adjust.

Social Media is going to be used for recruitment purposes

Now, More than ever. Gone is the days when resumes and letters of recommendation were the only criteria for employment. Social media is slowly replacing resumes, especially when it comes to acquiring talent who is not currently looking for any job, either because she has one or because she is not looking. An online profile also allows recruiters to learn things about you that they could not learn from a resume and cover letter. Thus, an online presence is required if you want to pique interest.

Registered Employees

All recruiters share a common course of action. Ask the company’s employees to recommend a person who they think can meet the requirements of the position. What’s new about this issue is that more registered employees will be hired next year than ever before, and the reason is simple. Businesses will be willing to pay an additional bonus to employees who recommend a very talented person. In particular, in the United States, this amount ranges from $ 100 to $ 500. This is due to the fact that there is a raging war over who will get the most talented people. As you know, companies are just as good as the people who make them up.

Employment Facilities

Now, employers are willing to make your life easier. So as long as you meet the requirements of the position, you will be provided with facilities that a few years ago, no matter how much you needed them, it would never cross your mind to ask for them from your boss. Some of them you do not even have to ask for. Employers will offer you on their own as a lure to say ‘yes’ and sign the contract.