Being unemployed for a long time can wear you out. Both psychologically and professionally. For help with writing a research paper, you can contact – The good news is that research on the subject has shown that most employers would not consider a long period of abstinence as an employment criterion. Instead, they would show a particular liking to these candidates.

The bad news is that rusting one’s abilities from inactivity is unavoidable. So what could an unemployed person do to stay in shape professionally and at the same time fill in the gaps in his CV? Here are 10 solutions that may prove to be a lifesaver!

The key here is to get people to see your work. If you do a good job, even if it is temporary, it can yield a second and a third and so on.

Attend seminars

60% of employers recommend it. You never stop learning and being constantly informed about your industry will keep you in shape. You will also make appropriate acquaintances.

Become a volunteer

Volunteering makes you more desirable in the market. When you become a volunteer, you implicitly but clearly state something about your personality to your future employers. You show compassion and affection, while at the same time you prove that money is not your only thought. Companies are not only looking for people who can do the job, but also for people with personality and principles.

Starting a small business

It is time consuming, exhausting and costly. But if you have the time, the mood and the ability to start a small project of your own then do it. It will make your resume brighter and, you know, it might turn into something bigger.

Start your own professional blog

11% of employers say a professional blog can prove to be an amazing tool for promoting yourself to future employers. Makes you look professional in your field and sets you apart from the rest.

Give your presence at career reports

Direct contact with corporate recruiters is something that you have to chase. Especially if the companies you would like to work for take part in these exhibitions. With the right preparation and the right clothes, you can earn a job. But even if there are no vacancies available at this time, the recruiter will consider you if he likes you.

Use your time to download ideas

Candidates presented in the interviews with fresh ideas show that they are passionate, read and excited about the opportunity. These candidates always stand out.


A resume delivered directly to the recruiter by a member of the company increases the chances of being noticed. Use social media to meet the right people and announce that you are looking for a job.

Pay attention to your resume and cover letter

For each position and company, you need a different approach. So format your CV, depending on the circumstances. Do not mention things irrelevant to the position and keep it short. One page, at most one and a half, is enough. Also use a cover letter without mentioning your resume. He has already seen it. Remember. The resume is about you and the past. The cover letter is about the company and the future.

Follow up

Two thirds of the candidates do not follow up after sending their CV. It is important to take the step above and show the employer that you really care about the position. Also, do not forget to send a thank you email after each interview. Show that you value the time devoted to you.