Today we will talk about the serious consequences that can lead to unemployment, referring to the social environment, while reference is also made to the semi-annual government programs.

Unemployment frustration is likely to lead to addiction, such as drug use, alcoholism, etc.

Several studies have highlighted the association between unemployment and drug and alcohol dependence as well as gambling. On the one hand, unemployment makes the person vulnerable to the start of use, while on the other hand it worsens the situation of people who are already in use. The frustration, low self-esteem and stress experienced by the unemployed seem to push some of them to use substance abuse as a way out of reality, in an attempt to fill the psychological gaps but also as a form of self-treatment, against anxiety and social isolation.

In your experience, these people are usually supported by their close cycle (including the unemployed partner) or are they subject to contempt, devaluation and the like?

Through my experience, the social The environment can significantly affect the unemployed person. In most cases, those close to you give some relief to people who are forced to stay unemployed due to the financial crisis. However, there are cases, especially in the case of long-term unemployment, where the environment of the individual considers that the unemployed person does not make enough effort to find a job or that he needs to compromise more and be less demanding in his labor rights. Finally, I would say that an important factor in the way the close circle will deal with the unemployed, is the quality of their relationship before the stressful situation. Therefore, if there was difficulty in communication before unemployment, this situation will be exacerbated through the financial difficulties, stress and negative emotions that will arise.

What are the effects of unemployment on society in general, in terms of suicides, illegalities, violence and so on?

Unemployment is referred to as a psychosocial problem, as it has serious implications for both the individual and the family, as well as for the social. Long-term unemployment has been linked through research to the onset of depression. Clinical depression makes the person dysfunctional and socially isolated. Symptoms of depression include feelings of guilt and worthlessness, hopelessness, disturbed sleep, and difficulty concentrating. The most serious complication is suicide, where the person does not find meaning and reason to live. According to the World Health Organization, suicide rates have risen sharply during the financial crisis and about 45,000 people commit suicide each year due to unemployment. While suicide expresses anger at oneself, delinquency expresses rage and anger towards society. In times of economic crisis and rising unemployment, there has been an increase in delinquency as well as an increase in incidents of domestic violence. Violence can take the form of not only physical but also psychological abuse.

Do you think part-time employment or semi-annual government programs help

In my opinion, half-yearly programs and part-time jobs are clearly not at the heart of the problem, as they force the unemployed to compromise on low wages and often in workplaces unrelated to the content of education and qualifications in their. As a result, they continue to experience instability and insecurity in their lives and are unable to set long-term goals. But it is important to look at the other side of the coin, as such programs, in addition to the financial assistance they offer, alleviate the feelings of daily stress experienced by the unemployed. In addition, these people feel productive, escape from social isolation and the feeling of loneliness they experienced during the period of unemployment. Therefore, these people have a better self-image and face the future with more optimism. Finally, such an employment opportunity leads to work experience and may help in finding a future job.


An important step towards successful management of the psychological effects of unemployment is the awareness and acceptance of the new situation by the individual. It is perfectly normal for a person to feel anxious and frustrated with the situation, so the person should be forgiving of themselves and take the current phase as temporary. Catastrophizing and negative prediction for the future distract from new goals and reduce mobilization. We need to use every experience in our lives, even the negative, in order to become better and stronger.

Social contacts and good interpersonal relationships act as a protective factor for the unemployed. That is why it is very important to express our thoughts and feelings with our loved ones, so that there is mutual understanding and support. Planning fun activities, humor and adopting a healthy lifestyle improve a person’s resilience.

Finally, if we feel that we are having difficulty managing the situation on our own, it is of the utmost importance to seek professional help from a mental health professional. There are several services that offer free or low cost psychological support.