How important is it to constantly improve, even when it is out of working time?

We live in an age where there is rapid knowledge. Everything is evolving and new things are constantly appearing. Whether it is in the field of science, or medicine, or anything else. One needs to monitor the evolution of knowledge. It is now very easy to do it online and this is another reason you will get over it if you rest.

Can one person who is constantly investing in self-improvement, overtake another with more formal qualifications

Sure! Formal qualifications are, say, just a part of his resume or offer. But a person who has invested in self-improvement can do a better interview. It is also able to adapt more easily to a company. There are people who go to the interview with copies of bachelor’s, master’s, copy for one, copy for the other, etc. He says look, I have papers, I have one, I have the other. Things that in the end have not been requested. These often create selfishness, and a good interviewer will notice. I was never asked for a copy by an employer. Why; Because it is surpassed in an interview. They want to see the person in the interview. There, the good one looks. There is no better proof that this man ‘has it’. Self-improvement is so important. Do not be intimidated by anyone who does not have such formal qualifications.

What practical advice can you give to the unemployed?

Unfortunately, it is a bad time to be unemployed. Working abroad should not scare anyone.

Now, especially about the young man who is unemployed, I want to tell him something. Your worst enemy is the cafeteria. There is nothing that upsets your morale more than waking up and thinking about frappé and cafeteria. It does not fill you with energy. You need to find the strength in yourself to say I DESERVE. I deserve to create my life. I have something to offer.

Another issue I want to address is the use of their time. How an unemployed person can use their time can play a catalytic role for their future course. They have to find a part of this free time and say that this time I will use it productively or fill some gaps. Learn a foreign language, for example. To open the door to a foreign market. Or a computer language. In general, anything that can be used to pave the way for business.

Finally, choose their friends. Very important. If friends create, maintain or multiply misery, or make you a loser, then it may be best to stay away from them. So you have to hang out with people who have a positive outlook on life, exchange ideas. After all, where do start-up companies start? From such people!

The parents of the unemployed should also pay attention to this. Do not create this negative situation in their children. Nor to tell them to be patient, crisis is going to pass. The crisis is not a natural phenomenon. It is not a disaster to have patience to pass. They should encourage their children to take action.

Some final comment

The glass with water in it is not half empty. It is half full. And it is up to them to see it! We make our lives. And this life does not end with getting a degree. Parents often raise their children with the idea that life ends when they graduate. This goes back four generations! It’s not like this. Above all is the will!